Eve of Wake: As Hollis Lies

for artist and breast cancer
activist Hollis Sigler
1948 – 2001

Tonight you lie
final touches
a daub of makeup
a tuft of hair
placed just so

The fragile jewel box
you’ve become
All of us waiting

Your appearance
to be so elegant
so contemplated
so unbelievable

So here
I lie
miles away
the touch of wine
still at my throat
the music reverberating
through glass walls
waves of water
rising up
through the room

as light of candles
catches onto the pulse
of spa

you are now
our precious purse
the velvet satchel
of our fears
All death’s mystery
dangling now
like fine jewelry
from your wrist

With studded sparks
of sun-lit hope
and all the brilliance
cut within

You lie
a touch made here
a gentle touch
we all pray

of the word
like a pearl caught
in your throat

Mistress of beyond
priestess of
the final truth.