(pornographic leaflets litter vegas)

Scattered across peach-colored soil,
cactus, and barbed barberry
they grow: new desert weeds
taking root along the roadside.

Their vaginal leaves, beige
petals unroll in fresh fingers
of light, the fist of the desert still
cold from clenching moonlight.
By noon they are faded,
turning back onto

But now they roll,
pale prolific blooms,
backward and forth with breeze
wetted deceptively as with sea:
Gelled lips wetted with morning.
Corsets released
on page two toward the star

Now breasts lean into gravel
and ankles root frozen
in crusted mud, last night’s
rain having curled up edges
as does kissing bitter-mouthed

And how the desert
sprinkles approval, pebbles,
small rose-colored, across leaflet
series #4:

two blondes licking
each other

the delicate lilies
they have become,
labia-stapled to the ground
and sand, the glistening sand
of this desert
this town

this garden of excruciating