Jade Buddha

and electric with light
your eyelids lower
and seduce all
in time

Even as daylight
seeks your face
you wait
carved in stone
loving each nerve
that craves a surface

Allowing dreams
to run like oil
across your body

How would I know
this day in Shanghai
that your face
sleeps with amber
its silks
gliding silently
to your knees

That gems traverse
your thighs
garnet, ruby, emerald,

their glistening surfaces
kissing your name

Now I pray
to earlobes draped
to shoulders
to the elegance
of their journey
and know that lips
must kiss before
they speak of life
or death

As your hand tilts up
to catch all
that falls from this world

Please now hear my
as it shapes
into a lily
small and insignificant
at your feet.

42 thoughts on “Jade Buddha

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