In the sky
pink becomes
the high priestess
of blankets across
a crib

blue tucks into
of light

I remember
your eyelids blinking
back the lapis
of birth

Your head
the axis
of your world
arching back
to catch the room
that ribbon
of light
and voices swirling
like warm milk
around you

And as evening
grabs and tucks
all clouds
into the deep mattress
of dusk

I know
that you
are within arms
or moments from
those that bore you
that hold you
to their hearts

Like the light
you finally chose
or the water
clear and fluid
flowing from your

You will cry
and find milk
You will yawn
and the world will kneel
to launch your sleep

And I will fly
away from you
again and again

But will always,
pray, always