The Neighbor’s Song

Give it to me, baby, baby, baby.
Give it to me, baby, in the face.
Give it to me, baby, baby, baby.
Give it to me, baby. It don’t hurt.

Give it to me, baby,
in the gutter just across the
Give it to me, baby,
shoes and socks.
Our boys are standing
in bare feet.
Throw them out the window
by the bed that I refuse
to sleep

And give it to me, baby,
all the vile, the shit, the crap,
the ancient creeps,
the scrotum-fuzz that halos
and heats up balls to
fiery pricks.

Just give it to me.
Keep the car, my clothes,
my lover’s drunk
and steady late night

Give it to me big boy.
I’ll buy make-up.
You can’t keep
your knuckles happy
‘cross my lips, my arms,
my cheek.
Cuz I’m leaving. Now.
If you ever touch me
I’ll fuck you up good.


23 thoughts on “The Neighbor’s Song

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